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South Sudan Water Bore Holes

Double your impact for lasting change!

Thanks to a generous matching grant, every donation you make to this project will be matched dollar-for-dollar, effectively doubling the power of your contribution.

With your support, we aim to raise a total of $200,000 to upgrade a series borehole wells in South Sudan with solar-powered pumps. Each well will deliver clean drinking water to more than 200 families, local schools, and health clinics, where there is currently no nearby water supply.

Our water projects in South Sudan are about improving outcomes for existing boreholes, so that more people in the community have a reliable access to water. This involves installing a solar powered pump to send water to an elevated tank that can then provide water to a number of water tap stands in various locations.

We aim for these taps to be installed in areas where communities, schools and/or clinics will have good access to them.

Please prayerfully consider giving towards this project to achieve greater outcomes in the lives of those we serve in Jesus’ Name.

*This gift is tax-deductible for Australian taxpayers. Donations received in excess of the need for the project advertised will be applied to a similar project.