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Cambodia Church Build

Because of the faithful witness of local church members helping with the school building project, Principal Tharvrith left Buddhism and became a follower of Jesus Christ. Now he is leading a spiritual awakening within his community. As Principal Tharvrith grew in his faith and shared the Good News with others, he saw many turn to faith in Christ, both friends and family.

Eventually, the growing number of Christians in the village began gathering regularly for worship—creating a new need for their own space.

Now, Samaritan’s Purse has started construction on a second project in the village—a church about 1km down the village’s dirt road from the school.

We praise God that the gift of a new school building and pray that this new church will become a place of joy and hope for this village.

This is a non-tax deductible donation.

*This gift is not tax-deductible. Donations received in excess of the need for the project advertised will be applied to a similar project.