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Cambodia School Build

For many children living in the world’s most impoverished communities, the chance for an education is rare. Many have no nearby school to go to; and those with schools often have to brave dangerous travel to get there. Classrooms are frequently overcrowded and unbearably hot. They often lack access to even the barest essentials—such as restrooms, access to clean drinking water, and the basic supplies the teachers and students need to do their work.

The rate of dropout in these communities is staggering. Thus, the grip of poverty has remained unbroken for generations.

This is why Samaritan’s Purse is hard at work in Cambodia providing well-constructed spaces and equipping schools to provide children with a quality education, to give them greater opportunities in life, and give them hope.

*This gift is tax-deductible for Australian taxpayers. Donations received in excess of the need for the project advertised will be applied to a similar project.